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Many things happened in my life when I was eight years old. That was the year before I started to notice I could not see the words clearly on the chalkboard. The year before I got my first pair of glasses.

My parents moved us into my grandmothers apartment right before I started third grade. My sister and I went from having our own rooms to sleeping with our grandmother in the same bed for two years. That year I broke my ankle, our cat died of cancer, I started having intrusive orthodontic work on my teeth, and my parents were seriously considering moving us to Boston to open up a flavored popcorn franchise. (Even then I was psychic and knew this was not a good idea. The whole thing fell through, and we stayed in Chicago.) My other grandmother who I was very close with passed away. We were living in a neighborhood away from all of my friends and where no other children seemed to live. I felt isolated, uncomfortable, and I think we were all feeling that energy/tension of ending something but not yet being in something new. I could sense my parent's discomfort and my grandmother's stress around having so many people living in her small home. The next year I began to lose part of my vision.

Sometimes we go through stuff that overwhelms us and our sensitivities or awareness feels like too much. Sometimes we can sense that the people around us are triggered by our awareness, like it is too much for them, and we can shut down to try to heal them or to not rock the boat. Fear and discomfort easily creates clouds around our abilities.

As an adult I had to start waking up again. My body and spirit were crying out to wake up, wake up, wake up! The more I woke up, the more I could release things that were not serving me, and call in things that turned me on and resonated with my soul. I became a seer, healer, and teacher, and was so excited to help people regain their own powers.

I have to clear my vision every day, because it happens that sometimes I still feel overwhelmed by life. That my vision gets a little cloudy, and it makes it more challenging for me to see clearly through situations, move forward, or envision what I want. I still wear glasses, but I've noticed that I see everything physically more clearly when my energy is clean. When my energy is messy, my vision on all levels is challenged.

Perspective. Coming from a clear perspective is being able to see yourself and life from your own truth. Not from what has happened in the past or from what you should be having or from someone else's ideas. But from your own energy, the force you are living for and the same force that is living for you.

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