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I saw this short Ted Talk the other day, and it inspired me to write a little summary of how I felt growing up in a world that felt like it did not include me.

"I’ve gone through times in my life where I didn’t want to be alive, but I also didn’t want to be dead.  I just wanted to be living in a different reality.  One which reflected who I knew I was, rather than a more dominant picture that all of us unique individuals were supposed to squish ourselves into and call “normal” and “ok”.  What was “normal” and “ok” never felt normal or ok to me, and I never felt like I had the tools to deal with this conundrum until I started to become aware of my awareness of energy and of my own energy, all the many particles out there that I selected out of the bazillion to choose from to combine my own unique formula and make up who I am in this lifetime.  Thank you to this woman (Emily Levine) who took less than four minutes to burst realities open, and to everyone who came before my time and who are here right now, doing the same!"

(To watch the clip, click on this link. It's less than 4 minutes long):

Watching the show Pose about transvestites, the ball culture, being gay in the 80’s, and AIDS, as well as being reminded of the energy of the 1980’s through the new season of Stranger Things, I can see how so many of us struggled in our own ways to raise the vibration of human culture and our relationships to each other. As different colors and cultures and religions of humans started to interact more and more, we focused and obsessed so much on our differences and dichotomies that we separated more and more from our relationship with the Earth and our Earth-selves.

My hope is that as we continue to evolve and heal, there is still a chance for the Earth we have destroyed during our struggle and transformation, to also heal and transform from the damage. If we can manifest healing and rejuvenating our bodies without so much effort, maybe the Earth will reflect that too. If not, I believe Emily Levine makes peace with that.

Much gratitude for the Earth for holding a space for us to have temper tantrums of fear and ignorance until we are able to grow into a more authentic sense of what it means to love, to express, to have free will, to dream, and to manifest with others. On a planet full of abundance and magic, a planet able to let go of, recycle, and transform, it would seem that we who are a part of the Earth have access to all of that and more!


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