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A Psychic School For Sensitive Souls:

Coming in October 2023

Use Your Sensitive Nature To Be In Deep Communion With The Earth

Earth and Space

Just Like You.


All things on Earth communicate with each other: 

animals, plants, trees, flowers, insects, fungus.  

Without words.
Without telephones.
Without computers.

Without overthinking and over-analyzing.

And we, humans, have gotten so far away from this communication.

Your lack of communication creates tension in your physical body, and it even disconnects you from Source.

It creates:
-Extreme Discomfort
-Feeling Out of Control

Restoring your connection with the Earth and the Spirit of who you are will bring you back into communication with yourself - and into communion with all that is.

When you communicate via energy instead of words, you can see past the confusion.

Girl with Horse

Other animals know when it is going to rain.

They know when a storm is coming because they FEEL the Earth beneath them. 

They don't get caught up in emails and world politics. 
They have energetic boundaries.

They know who the
y are.  They know their purpose.  They see through lies.  They see beyond what is right in front of them.  They don't get caught up in illusions.  They don't betray themselves of their true nature.  They are sensitive.  They cannot pretend when something is off or uncomfortable. 
They cannot disconnect.  

They use the energy of their own bodies and awareness of energy as a compass to navigate their way through life.

Your answers do not reside in this human matrix.  Your answers are within you.

Your peace resides in a quiet communication.  A quiet knowing.  A quiet connection with life.  

The Answers Are The
11 Unique Ways To Communicate With Each Other, the Spirit Of Who You Are, and the Earth

  1. Use The Abilities Of Each Chakra

  2. Being Psychic With Other People

  3. Clear the Karma of Past Lives

  4. Communicate with Other Animals & Plants

  5. Communicate with Spirits Guides

  6. Ground Your Spirit Into Your Body

  7. Communicate with Your Higher Self

  8. Develop Your Clairvoyance

  9. Use Color Vibration To See Layers Of The Aura

  10. Harness Your Innate Telepathy

  11. Facilitate Healing

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