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Turn Up Your Female Power!

When you attend The Magic Of Being A Woman,

you will have a whole new sense of being a woman,

create safety for yourself in a new way, 

and learn how to access powerful and transformative magic lying dormant inside of you, waiting to be discovered and integrated into your life!

Check out some of the powerful concepts, tools, and techniques you get to learn how to play with and heal when you register:

✨Healing the Energy of in Your Uterus, Ovaries, Breasts, and Vagina

✨Your Own Female and Male Energy (how to access it and use it at will)

✨Creating Safety For Yourself As a Woman

✨The Energy of Your Life Cycles (including your menstrual cycle, hormonal changes, and the way your energy is affected as a woman as you age)

✨Access Your Unique Female Creative Energy

✨Use Your Energy As a Delicious Receptive Magnet to Attract What You Want 

✨The Magic of the Womb (it's not just for making babies, and you don't have to have a physical uterus to access this part of you)

✨Taming Anxiety, Worry, Guilt, and Over-giving

✨Clearing Traumas Energetically As a Collective and As an Individual

✨Learn How to Use a Yoni Egg (you will receive one in the mail) As a Tool for Healing and Building Strength

✨Kundalini Energy and Turning on Your Sexual Prowess


                         In the Magic of Being a Woman                          


This class is ONLY for women who have completed the Energy Essentials Class (also has been called Clean Your Energy and How to Take Care of Your Energy)

Now that you have the foundational tools, you can expand this concept of taking care of your own energy into more specific realms of your life.  

There is so much more of who you are and how you get to experience your body, your spirit, your mind, your relationships, and your life!

8 Weeks


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