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Sometimes it is difficult to know what our pets want to convey to us beyond reading physical clues. 

Through an Animal Communication Session, clarity, change in behavior, understanding, and healing can occur.  It is a beautiful experience to have a session with your pet, and there is always something to learn. Here is a list of some ways a session can help you and your animal companion:




*Behavioral Issues


*After-life communication

*Understanding your pet in a new way

*Relationship issues with humans or other animals

*Bringing a new pet into the home


*Sensitivity to their surroundings


*Stress in the home





FYI: Pet Readings and Healings are available via Video Chat and By Phone.  If you want to have an in person session in Miami Beach, you are welcome to bring a photo of your pet.  I can connect with the energy of a person or animal from anywhere in the world without ever seeing them or being near their physical body, which is one of the many amazing and profound characteristics of the work I do:). 

P.S. When choosing a time for how long you want your session to be, please be realistic in terms of what is going on with your pet, how many questions you have, and what you are needing:).

1 HR


Dog Outside



Animals are effected by their every day life, as well as during times of transition and transformation.  

They pick up on how you are feeling, what is going on in the home, as well as what is going in

their own relationships with humans and other pets.  Animals are very sensitive.  

Whether you want to give your pet a healing because you are concerned about their health, their behavior,

a transition, or just to give them a special treat,

your animal companion will be very grateful for this incredible gift! 

1 HR




This is an incredible way of combining these two sessions.  You will have a taste of both

communication and healing for you and your animal companion.  

In this session you can ask questions about what is going on with them,

as well as give them a space to relax, release, receive, and heal!

1 HR


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