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Living in Miami Beach,


  talking with her garden plants and the local cats,


zooming with clients,


  teaching how to be magical in a practical world,


evolving with the Earth,


  falling apart and putting herself together in new ways over and over again...

Myan was born with psychic powers, but it took a pivotal moment for her to decide to trust, hone in, and work on those senses like muscles that are strengthened with practice over time.


After an extensive trip in India in early adulthood, Myan came home with a mysterious digestive issue. She visited her doctor who told her she’d go into a coma if she didn’t go to the emergency room right away.


Myan knew, deep within, that this wasn’t the case, but it wasn’t until she descended in the elevator at the hospital that she heard her inner voice loud and clear: she was safe, and she was determined to heal herself. This was the beginning of her journey.


Myan believes that we all have an innate ability to tap into a psychic perspective.  For the past 20 years she has been helping people develop their awareness, find clarity, and heal.


Whether you are interested in better taking care of your own energy, communicating with your pet, developing your psychic abilities, or desire a healing/reading session for yourself,  Myan will empower you to find your inner wisdom, and open up a world of inner clarity.   She calls it Earth School, and you can sign up to sharpen these tools, align with your true self, and find your purpose for being here.


Are you ready to let your own true nature be your guide?

Check out Myan’s psychic courses:

Request an energetic healing or reading for yourself or a pet:

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Sessions are available online and by phone

Tel: 773-727-2664


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