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Living in Miami Beach,


  talking with her garden plants and the local cats,


zooming with clients,


  teaching how to be magical in a practical world,


evolving with the Earth,


  falling apart and putting herself together in new ways over and over again...


Traveling back to 1997, Myan took a trip to India that was an incredible ten month adventure… ending in serious digestive issues.


(this is where the evolution begins)


Returning back to Chicago she sought out new ways to heal herself.


Through psychic classes she realized how extremely sensitive she is. As she developed her energetic abilities to be in tune with herself and the world around her, she finally found a way to feel sensitive and empowered!


This journey lead her to heal her body and become a professional healer, clairvoyant, animal communicator, and psychic teacher.


Through using her psychic abilities with people, she discovered that working with animals was equally as helpful and an important part of the healing ecosystem. 


Her love of nature and communicating with all that is led her to create EARTH SCHOOL.


(because Earth is, in fact, a school)


Myan teaches classes on all things psychic, including how to

-take care of your energy,

-heal yourself and others,

-see/read energy,

-use your psychic abilities in your every day life as a compass and guide,

-communicate and heal your, other animals, and plants.    


What she discovered through her own healing is that we do not always experience what is fully happening with just our basic five senses.


There are aspects of life that exist in between the lines.


Since we are not only living from a physical perspective, it is in your best interest to be responsible for taking care of your energy in combination with tending to your body and mind.  


Myan is living proof of that!

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Sessions are available online and by phone

Tel: 773-727-2664


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