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I took a five month trip to New Zealand and Australia many years ago. I had been saving up for one year to go to massage school, and one week before the program started I decided to drop my plans and fly to New Zealand instead! Commitment is a funny thing. Sometimes we commit to something to get to something else. Like a trick we are playing on ourselves to align to following a path that we don't have permission to take yet. To commit we have to clear the fear and lies in all the nooks and crannies of our conscious and unconscious mind. Commitment takes a level of surrender. A leap of faith!

On that trip my friend and I went on a tour to a glacier. That day it was raining and foggy and windy, and my friend could barely see in front of her because her glasses kept fogging up. On top of that, even though we were wearing special clamps on our shoes with metal spikes on the bottom, she could not stop slipping and falling. It was a really uncomfortable journey. On our return, we were taking off the clamps, and she discovered that a huge rock had gotten stuck in between the spikes, making it impossible for the spikes to do their job.

Sometimes we cannot see the one little thing that is getting in the way of the experience we desire to have. Commitment is a choice, but it is also a process. To get to that level of certainty, we often have to go on a journey to discover what rocks are in our path. Sometimes it is a part of us that is that little rock making a big stinking fit, or being apathetic, or feeling fearful that is keeping our commitment out of alignment.

You actually know what it feels like to not be in alignment yet. But you also know what it feels like when everything locks into place. When you are no longer a victim to circumstance. Obstacles are just like things flying at you that you are learning how to master facing and moving through or out of your view so you can continue to see your goal and move towards it.

When I google commitment, one of the definitions that comes up is: "an engagement or obligation that restricts freedom of action". This is something I have tripped over many many times in my life, since I was a child. But over the years I have come to realize that actually that is only true when you are committed to something you do not want. Committing to your desires creates endless amounts of freedom! Commitment doesn't mean you no longer have choices in your life, it means you can make the choices in your life that fulfill your desires, and creates a boundary between what you desire and what you do not desire. Commitment is merely a choice to align to something that serves you. It is not an end point, it is one point on your endless journey!

I am offering Commitment Readings in the month of May. Get into alignment with what you desire to commit to! 30 minutes, $80. If you are interested follow this link!


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