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Animal Communication and Healing
Communicate With Your Pets In 6 Weeks!
NEXT Session Begins Monday, February 12th

Learn How To Communicate With and Give Healings to Your Pets and Other Animals

Your every day life is deeply intertwined with your animal companions!

You have the ability to communicate with your pets because you are an animal too.

Learn how to be psychic with your pets, other people's pets, and the animals that live around you!


In this class you will learn to listen, see, and heal what is occurring and being communicated to you by your pets and other animals.

When you complete this class you will know how to:

🐾.Prepare your energy  to work with animals

🐾 Create safety for animals in a session

🐾 Receive messages from your pet and other animals via

1. clairvoyance (the ability to see with your "third eye") and

2. telepathy (the ability to "hear" what they are saying

🐾 Give an energy healing to your pet and other animals

🐾 Combine all of these skills together to have a wholistic approach to any particular issue an animal is having

🐾 Lots of practice under your belt to build your certainty and confidence!


This 6 Week Class Includes
Extremely Fun and Helpful
Information and Techniques!

BEGINS February 12th @ 7 - 8:30 pm EDT
Mondays, February 12 - November 20

Register NOW to create a stronger bond with your pet and
open up to all of the wisdom animals have to share about their needs,
desires, and understanding of the world!





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