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Magic: Creating and Destroying

"Magic is in all the ways you choose to live your life!"

Have you ever seen that magician with a black hat pull out his magic wand and say, "Abracadabra!" and a little smoke blows up at the tip of his wand as a rabbit mysteriously appears in front of the audience? Whose to say we are not all magicians?

Create and Destroy is a technique we learn about in the Clean Your Energy Online Class. When you go through this process of creating and destroying, whether in awareness or not, you make space for evolutions. To be able to surrender through all the little moments of your daily life, you have to be able to let go.

Magic is not really in what is happening, but rather in how you are acting in your life in every given situation. The shittiest times in my life have been times when I was in so much resistance to myself and my circumstances that I refused to move forward. Refused to let anything come into fruition.

Magic always happens when I allow myself to be free. When I don't get stuck on the little things. When I am able to use my tools to find my center, not just in meditation in my home or at a yoga studio, but what these tools are meant for- every day life out there in the world where all the action is happening.

If you are reading this message, you are probably not a monk living in a cave in the Himalayas. We are all interacting in the chaos of this crazy world. So it's important to take what we experience, and let it go (destroy it) if it is not working for us. Destroying is a huge part of creating.

When we are creating, we have to destroy what is not working to move into a new updated version of our creation. Very creative people are quite aware of this process. It's a

part of manifesting the results we desire, and it's also a part of letting go of what we may think we desire so we can open up to new possibilities!

This process doesn't just belong to a career or a piece of art. It also belongs to our relationships with each other, with the world, with ourselves. Create, destroy, create, destroy. That is a big part of evolution!

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