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Tough Love

A few months ago I gave a bunch of readings at an event in Miami. In one of the readings, there was a woman whose energy brought up the topic of tough love. Although tough love is not easy, it is sometimes the only thing that can propel someone forward. I am someone who actually needs a lot of tough love. When you play nice with me, I easily just fall into the same patterns. Sometimes I don't want people to play nice. When I am called out on the places I am not being honest with myself in my life, there is a truth that is way more nurturing than what is not the truth.

Most animals don't play nice with other animals they do not like. If they sniff and they don't like what they smell, there is no pretending. As an energy reader, if I look at the energy of a person and see that they have some work to do before they are going to get to what they want, it is in our best interest that I tell them exactly that, and not play nice and just say, everything is perfect. In that moment they might walk away with a smile on their face, but nothing in their life is going to change in the direction they want. Looking at what is really going on may not look "nice', but when you look truth in the face, the monsters around it scatter, and it is no longer scary. It just needs to shift, to transform. Sometimes we just need to shatter what looks real and possible, and recreate our perspective.

Life is not always pretty, right, fair. The Earth can been ugly sometimes. I used to take care of a feral cat this past summer, and found him dead one day on the sidewalk. I loved that little magician. There was nothing "nice" about what happened to him, and I was really sad about his passing. But his spirit was not sad. His spirit was not even close to his body anymore. There was something about his death that was so clean. He was ready to go. He had chosen that path. There was nothing to judge and it was not anyone's fault. He had set it up that way. He no longer wanted to be a street cat. And that for me was tough love. Seeing him there dead was tough, but his truth was full of love for himself and gratitude for the time we had spent together. He taught me how to let go in a new way, and he introduced me to four more cats that took his place who I get to love and care for now.

Sometimes reality is tough, changing is tough, but we can love ourselves through anything. There is a difference between tough love and loving in fear. My parents loved through fear a lot. They would say they were protecting me, but they were often protecting their fear. Sometimes they would tell me everything was okay, when it was not. Sometimes they would get very angry at me for doing something, when really they were just afraid. There is a ton of fear in the world. It is like a bully that tries to tells us we are not enough. That our intuition, what we feel and know is true for ourselves, is not good enough. That "mistakes" are bad, and our own paths and decisions will fail us. Why are we so afraid to lose? What are we losing? Is "loss" a place where we can never move forward from, or is letting go what propels us forward? If we lose a part of ourselves, we are often shedding skin to create something new.

I think we have such a beautiful new generation of truth tellers, of human beings who are coming in not afraid to be awake or to awaken. The time for tough love is ever present, and the year 2016 really shined a light on that. When we are really looking at our governments, the problems in the world, the fight for freedom that has fallen on dead ears, the struggles people have been through to bring lies or pain into the light, it seems ugly, but it is the only way we are going to love ourselves into the light.

TO SEE is TO FEEL is TO KNOW is to SHIFT REALITY. It takes a lot of bravery to awaken your energy and have your abilities turned on. It takes bravery, but it also takes fierce love. I dare you to clean your energy every day, and see how it changes your life, and spreads to others, until we are a planet that is moving out of pain and fear. Until we are a planet that is FOR LOVE, FOR CHANGE, FOR TRANSFORMATION, which is the essence of the Earth we live on.

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