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The Art of Being Real

When you are being real with yourself, who you authentically are becomes real in the world. Some days that can take some deep soul searching, and other days being you is effortless.

The truth is, it can take a lifetime to get to know yourself. Each day is a new discovery. You may think you know yourself, but then you experience something new and how you see yourself changes. Sometimes the change is significant and other times it shows up in small ways.

Life gives you the opportunity to discover how you act, how you react, how you love, what you need to feel nourished, what you want, who you want to play with, what turns you on, what turns you off, what makes you smile. Your life can be a big love affair with yourself, learning to love you over and over again.

So how do you get real with yourself if you are always evolving? If you are always discovering you?

One step at a time.

Be present. Being real with yourself is acknowledging where you are at in your journey. You can be extremely authentic in your discoveries of self. Today you love sorbet more than any other dessert. But two years from now, that can change. What you want, what you desire, how you see yourself, what you need to be nurtured is going to change as you change.

At one time people saw the Earth as flat. That was real for them, and they lived their lives from this perspective. When the perspective changed, all of a sudden their world changed. But that doesn't mean the old perception was less real. It's just that, well, we evolved. We discovered something new and different about the planet we live on, just as we discover something new about ourselves as we grow.

If you see yourself as a very kind person, and then you act meanly to someone, does that negate your kindness? No. It just means you are multidimensional. The Earth may be round, but when I'm standing on it, it often feels pretty flat. And that experience is as real as the fact that scientifically it looks like and acts like a cylinder.

Truth is changing. Forgiveness and grace will be your trusty companions as you move forward. Be in the moment as you move into the future. The art of being real is getting okay with who we are today. Let's be honest, we are all on a very creative journey.

So enjoy your journey! There is no formula for being real. But I know this first hand. When you aren't being real with yourself and then in turn with the world, you will know it, because you will feel a pang inside of you. A "wake up!", "screw everything you think you need to know, or how you are supposed to be", and "just be you"! And that voice you hear coming out through your body will continue to shout until you let the real you out!


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