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Hey Ladies!

Learn How to Use Your 

Psychic Superpowers


In this workshop you will learn...

How your body, your mental well-being, your relationships, your nervous system, your creativity, and how you feel every day is effected by the unique energetic make-up of your female body.

Do you know how powerful and creative your uterus is?  Not just as a physical organ that makes babies, but as an energetic creative force?


The world we live in does not teach women how to play with our own psychic abilities, instincts, and innate powers residing inside of us.


Throughout history women have been called crazy for reacting a certain way.  But we are not crazy, we just never learned how to calm and clear and channel the rich and powerful energy produced in our female form. 

We are expected to be as sensitive and nurturing as is innate to who we are, but not to have reactions when we take on too much, when we are mistreated, when we have reached an unbalanced or unhealthy limit to what we can actually manage.


This workshop will give you tools you can use in your every day life to::


-rebalance yourself,


-clear stagnation out of your uterus and ovaries,


-cultivate your relationship with your own female energy,


-learn how to run your female energy through your body as a healing, and


-transmute the “madness” into some of your most powerful gifts!


Whether you call yourself she/her or they/them, if you have a body that was created to make babies, you will be energetically effected by this intricate system inside you. Even if you have had your uterus and/or ovaries removed, the energetic form still remains (like the energy of an arm that has been amputated, but still feels very much there).


Earth is a school. Your body is a tool.  Learn how to use your female energy rather than feeling controlled by your biological programming.


**PREREQUISITE: Energy Essentials Class**

If you have not taken Energy Essentials yet, you can purchase it now online, pre-recorded.

Why is this a pre-requisite?

A house needs a foundation before you can build it.  A solid connection to the Earth and a basic structure to build on.


If we have to take the time in this workshop to focus on the foundations of how to work with and take care of your own general energy, we can’t start to dive into the full expression and understanding of your female energetic make-up.


This psychic woman’s workshop builds on these Energy Essential tools.


In this workshop you will learn how to:


1. Heal your uterus and ovaries and breasts daily, to create balance and peace inside of you.


2. Play with and use your female energy as an inspiring and healing life force for your body, mind, and spirit.


3. Learn how the physical make-up of your female body affects your mental, spiritual, and physical well being.

Monday, August 28th 

7 - 9:15 pm EST



Registration Ends Saturday, August 26th


Check back for upcoming classes

If you haven't taken the Energy Essentials Class, click the link below.
It is $250 and you have up to 7 weeks to do the class after purchasing it.  All of the tools, techniques and concepts are incredible and truly essential if you are a sensitive person living in the world today.





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