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  • 7Weeks
  • 21Steps
Get a certificate by completing the program.


LEARN HOW TO MASTER YOUR OWN ENERGY ★ Upgrade your BOUNDARIES without guilt so you are not pulled in every direction ★ Silence the noisy world outside and get crystal CLEAR on what is best for you in every situation ★ TRUST your energy, intuition and inner knowing even when you feel scared ★ Create a deep connection with YOUR OWN ENERGY so that you always know how to come home to yourself  ★ Rid yourself of being OVER-RESPONSIBLE for others so you can focus on the things you love ★ Give yourself ATTENTION even when you are being called to focus on other things and people in your life ★ Master feeling GROUNDED when you are going through transitions and transformations ★ Create a Masterful PERSPECTIVE on Your Life Experiences and Growth ★ EMBODY your own unique energy! ★ You HAVE 7 Weeks to Complete this Course.  Plenty of time to give yourself if you need it, but not enough time to procrastinate completing it!

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