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"It's not how you react to life, it's how you act in life that matters."



A campaign that brings awareness around self-responsibility and helps people find different ways to clean their energy.

Many people around the world are unaware of how important cleaning their energy is.  They might be challenged by what they see around them, but when it comes down to it, they themselves are not cleaning up what is going on inside of them.  This lack of cleanliness effects the entire planet, from politics to education to health to the environment to personal relationships to relationships with self.  This campaign is a gentle reminder to ourselves and those around us to CLEAN YOUR ENERGY.  









Clean Your Energy engages human beings in conversations about how we take care of ourselves and our environment. The stickers are reminders we can put up in our home, on our things, in our neighborhoods, towns, and cities.  They are also something we can use to share with others when someone in our vicinity just needs a helpful reminder.  

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