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"Tuning into your own energy is one of the most nourishing and healing acts of kindness you can give to yourself."  
Myan Binder

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6 Week Class Begins
WEDNESDAY, June 15th @7 pm EDT


Communicating With Your Pets:

*Allows them to have a voice in their lives

*Helps you understand their needs and desires

*Receive all the nuggets of wisdom they want to share with you!

*And Healings give you the opportunity to help them clear stress, go through transitions, and feel better when they are not well


Sessions available in person, by phone, via Zoom/FaceTime

Nurture Your Spirit

Would you like clarity in your life?

Do you want to create more movement and alignment?

Do you need help with your pet?

Do you want to learn how to take care of your energy, develop your psychic abilities, communicate with your pets?







About Myan



 A city girl with a love of nature.

For eighteen years, Myan has been using her abilities to help inspire people to find clarity, transform, move forward, heal, feel good, reconnect, and become more aware of their own abilities.  


She also works with animals to create a bridge of communication between them and the human world they live in, giving them a voice to express their needs, desires, and sensitivities.  She also helps them heal and process what may be overwhelming because of their keen sense of energy.  


Her work with humans and animals is very closely related, for it this same energetic communication that humans need to bridge the gap between their body, spirit, mind, and the world around them.   

Myan mediates between these parts of you, creating an alignment and connection,

and synergy within yourself and with the world around you.


Being psychic is natural.  Intuition, empathy, a sixth sense, knowing without ever having learned something- these are all examples of being psychic.  The word psychic merely means, being aware of energy.  We are all aware of energy on some level, therefore it is possible to develop these skills through classes that help you learn how to use your abilities to transform your relationship with yourself and with life!


"This was the most interesting, insightful and balancing 'treatment' I have ever had. This woman exudes positive energy and her reading/healing really helped put things in perspective for me. I am letting go of old

past-life burdens and moving forward because of Myan. Can't wait to see her again. Thank you." -S.M.

"My session with Myan has been a game changer. Its helped me feel validated in many areas of my life where I always felt misunderstood or unacknowledged. The topics we discussed, the insight- AND LAUGHTER- that was shared has helped me feel unblocked.. and prepare me for the next step in my journey. Thank you, Myan!" -C.F.​

"I wanted to thank you. I operate like a completely different person out in the world because of working with you and learning how to protect and use my energy. I’m so grateful to have studied/had healings with you ❤️."  -L.L.

"Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!! Our exchange has been a magnificent event in itself with great insight and inspiration for my own journey - I feel such gratitude for also the way you convey the message, the energy: very free, kind, simple yet deep, and to the point (headache thousand better - I also did continue to work on what you said, thank you).  In a nutshell: thank God, you exist and that I have been so lucky to meet you."   -I.K.

"Myan's Energy Essentials class truly opened my eyes to my ability to exercise my own agency and intuition in relating to others in a variety of ways. As a sensitive being I am more equipped after her class to engage honestly with myself and others. I feel stronger and grounded instead of often overwhelmed. Her guidance, wisdom, knowledge and generosity in sharing these has helped me tap into my intuition in new and insightful ways. I am so grateful someone has kindly taught, encouraged and challenged me to take the time to be still, take care of my own energy, and channel my own inner power! Thank you, Myan!"   -S.F.

"Thank you for this class. Thank you for being such a beautiful leader. This work has allowed me to fully, truly, deeply love and accept myself. Having these new tools to be in my own energy and release what is no longer serving me has been life changing. During our time together I have gained self confidence, created a new relationship with my sister, and a regular practice for checking in with my energy. I strongly believe everyone can benefit from these teachings. Thank you. ❤️"   -N.C.

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